International Headhunter? Why hire one?

International Headhunter? Why hire one?



International Headhunter

International Headhunter Support

An International Headhunter is brought in to locate specific candidates, either locals or from territories abroad to fill open key positions. These positions could be for working in Canada, but in some cases, organizations sell to a new International client abroad and they need local presence.

Also, some countries have a high specialization in certain industries and their staff can be very useful for your company, and perhaps you are struggling to find this skills on local candidates, or there are not enough candidates in Canada; therefore this service option is a perfect fit for you.

The search can be directed by the required  professional studies, the years of work experience in some activity or specialty, among other factors. A detailed description of the position is required, so that headhunters have a clear vision and can make an effective search.

The importance of an International headhunter is that it locates possible candidates, evaluates them with different interview techniques in terms of experience and personality, investigates them legally and professionally, asks for references in their previous jobs and validates their certificates and studies.

All this processes are made in order to ensure that companies hire true talents in their different departments that gives an edge over their competition, generating greater value for their clients.

The services of an International headhunter are always guaranteed for a period of time. It usually goes from 6 months to a full year, and takes effect since the hiring of the candidate; if within this guarantee period the employee resigns, becomes incapacitated or simply does not meet the expectations of the company, more certified candidates will be sent one more time, until the replacement of the employee has been covered again.

Whatever the reason for your international expansion, or just to improve the performance of your company locally with talented people, a good International Headhunter will add immeasurable value and guidance to your growth plans.