International Recruitment

You could hire one or a full team of certified and experienced workers from Canada and abroad, eliminating your labour shortage.

Job Solutions can help your company to efficiently fill open positions with top quality and highly motivated candidates from Canada and other countries; we also support with the candidates documentation and orientation for their immigration process.

We have a consolidated and well-trained team of recruiters specialized in every industry. Through a strategic search within your line of business, we get the best talent for your company, which is investigated in his previous jobs and evaluated with diverse psychometric batteries and different interview techniques, which ensure us we will find the suitable applicant in accordance with your needs.

The service includes the complete processes of defining the job description, search for the best talents, curricular pre-screening, deep labor and personality interviews, psychometric evaluations, conducting background investigations and reference checks.

The International Recruitment service is always guaranteed for a period of time. It goes from 4 months to a full year and takes effect since the hiring of the candidate; if within this guarantee period the employee resigns, becomes incapacitated or simply does not meet the expectations of the company, more certified candidates will be sent one more time, until the replacement of the employee has been covered again.

Benefits of our International Recruitment service:

  • Hire the best certified and proved talents in your industry
  • Speed in the process of hiring one or multiple employees.
  • Increase your company’s performance
  • Do business in new foreign markets
  • Reduce the risk of having a bad employee in your staff
  • Support in the candidates immigration process.
  • Guaranteed services offered

International Recruitment

Job Solutions professionals are fully committed to provide your company a high-quality service through our proved processes which ensures concrete results.

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