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Commercial Services in Mexico

We have an extensive experience supporting national and foreign companies in different industries to efficiently open markets and increase the commercialization of their products in the Mexican Territory.

With our Integral commercial solutions, a foreign company is able to start selling in Mexico at any time and without the need to establish a legal presence there. We simplify the client’s incursion process in Mexico by dealing with multiple activities such as:

  • Recruitment of your specialized sales force
  • Hiring of employees under Mexican laws with their social security
  • Training
  • Manage the sales force to promote your products in the target industry.
  • Market intelligence
  • Renting Facilities
  • Call center service
  • Control of labor liabilities, leaving you safe in any situation of labor demand
  • Obtaining permits and licenses

Benefits of our Shelter service

  • Reduce startup time.
  • Focus on their main business.
  • Minimize the risks involved in beginning operations in a new foreign country.
  • Benefit from a practical learning process related with local issues, which, in time, will allow them to decide whether to continue under the Shelter program or to begin operating on their own.
  • Be “protected” from many of the risks and obligations normally affecting companies that choose to incorporate directly.

At Job Solutions we are ready to meet your special requirements

Any company may hire the services of a Shelter company in Mexico. The Shelter service we offer is flexible and tailored to your most specific needs.
Our clients come from a wide range of fields and industry sizes, companies with staffs over a thousand workers,  to small companies with little or no previous experience with international operations. They also come from fields as varied as oil & gas, aerospace, construction, mechanical, plastics, electronics, automotive, logistics, IT, renewable energy, Food, Medical, etc.

With this service Sacs supports your company in the administrative, operational and commercial part of your business. We assign staff at the points of sale to carry out the functions of promoting, cleaning, arranging and rotating the product. Our staff is highly trained to efficiently meet your needs.

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