Recruitment Company

Human Resources and Shelter Solutions

Job Solutions is an international enterprise with more than 20 years of experience delivering integral solutions in Human Resources and Shelter Services, working with the best experienced and trained team of associates in each area. It was created by a group of partners who contribute with deep knowledge in different areas and focused always on bringing high quality services.

Through a constant communication with our clients and according to their needs, Job Solutions develops a specific strategy for each customer, based in his experience and culture of work. We deliver always what the customer really needs in the expected time and shape, assuring our company an edge over other HR and Shelter companies and the ability to generate greater value for the client.

Our organizational values

Creativity: We generate the best ideas and technical innovations to create, evaluate and investigate the best solution that our clients demand.

Flexibility: According to the conditions of a changing world and the demands of our clients, our services can be adapted to any type and size of industry or business.

Compromise: With a high sense of ethics and respect, we are compromised to fulfill the generated agreements with our clients in time and shape, with the velocity and quality that the process requires or demands.


Competitive Advantages

Quality: We have a deep knowledge in different industries and fulfilling requirements needed in each one of them. Additionally our processes matches the culture and needs of our clients, creating an environment of satisfaction, good performance and a long-term relationship.

Efficiency and Velocity: Efficient coverage within a period of no more than 15 business days for senior executives and a maximum of 12 days for middle to lower management and engineering positions, always guaranteeing the skills required in the job description.

Price: Derived from an efficient operation we can provide competitive prices in order to contribute to the savings policies of our clients; this has ensured us an advantage over other HR and Shelter companies and the ability to generate added value to our clients.

Service: Availability of our executives at all times, including holidays to attend any emergency.