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International Headhunter with services in Canada and Mexico,  offers important solutions focused on the recruitment of key positions and high-level executives to occupy strategic positions in the organization (Managers, Directives, among others).

In this process, we deeply evaluate educational background, work experience, skills specific to the role, team management, leadership, problem solving, communication skills, body language, positive attitude, motivation and cultural values that the position demands.

Next step is reference check in order to validate a candidate’s information and get further insight into his skills and the past roles he held. Talking directly to his reporting manager will give us an accurate assessment. We also check activity on social networking sites and complement with a psychometric testing.

The International headhunter services are always guaranteed for a period of time, it goes from 6 months to a full year and takes effect since the hiring of the candidate. If within this guarantee period the employee resigns, becomes incapacitated or simply does not meet the expectations of the company, more certified candidates will be sent one more time, until the replacement of the employee has been covered again.

Benefits of our Headhunting services:

  • Hire the best and proved talents in your industry
  • Speed in the process of hiring
  • Increase your company’s performance
  • Do business with new foreign markets
  • Reduce the risk of having a bad employee in your staff
  • Support in the candidates’ immigration document process if they come from abroad.
  • Services Guarantees offered

Job Solutions professionals are fully committed to provide your company a high-quality service through our proved processes which ensures concrete results.

International Headhunter

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