Outsourcing Service in Mexico

Human Resources Services

Our Integral Human resources services in Mexico  is a perfect alternative for both small and large companies in search of hiring and retaining staff talent to grow their company. It allows optimizing not only time but also money for everything that involves managing personnel with high efficiency.

By hiring our Outsourcing Services in Mexico for your Human Resources, you can recruit and consolidate your staff by increasing the quality of the service offered to your employees in a better work environment, while obtaining savings, generating value for your company, achieving greater productivity and efficiency and avoiding risks in the accomplishment of your obligations as an employer.

Also we offer our clients a personalized service of the highest quality, guaranteeing fiscal security and managerial freedom for your company, complying in a timely manner with all legal obligations always within the legal framework, providing additional benefits that guarantee labor harmony and stability, and the sense of belonging in their workforce.

Human Resources Services in Mexico


Your company does not require its own Human Resources team since we support the development of the following activities:

  • The recruitment and hiring of staff.
  • Calculation and processing of the payroll of your company’s employees with accuracy and punctuality, adhering to current laws.
  • Processing of bank accounts for the payment of employees
  • Dispersion of payroll and electronic receipts of their perceptions
  • Employee discharge process and settlement.
  • Labor responsibility to the different authorities (IMSS, INFONAVIT, SAT, state treasury).
  • Prevention and solution in all legal-labor contingencies, protecting our clients from any joint liability.
  • Full support to foreign organizations that are active in Mexico, without knowing the laws regarding payroll and contributions.

At Job Solutions, we are fully committed in providing you with high-quality service through our processes that have guarantees which ensure concrete results.

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