Labor Investigation

Labor Investigation

Through a meticulous professional investigation, our executives are in charge of determining if an applicant is recommendable or not, after verifying their information, by focusing on the following:

    • Labor History: This is determined on the basis of Social Security records and each company’s performance Likewise, information is compared with the daily salary registered with each company’s line of business where the applicant used to work
    • Federal and Local Conciliation and Arbitration Meetings: Verification of applicants not having being sued individually or jointly & severally.
    • Communication, Computing, Control and C4 Command: Ensure applicants have no police records for federal offense, clandestine activities or violent political or union activism
    • National Workers Housing Fund Institute Verification of contributions and credit granted, also including accumulated salaries in the housing fund contribution subaccount

We recommend to make a Labor Investigation for your candidates prior to be hired

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