We understand that globalization trends are changing strategies in most companies and organizations regardless of their size and nationality. We also believe that people are the most important asset to a company, and that they are the ones that get deeply involved during those changes.

Expatriate support services:

Home Search

Choosing the new home is one of the most important decisions when moving to a new city or country.
Cetra Relocations Mexico will show you the best options available according to your budget, likes and needs. Including a complete follow up during leasing contract negotiation and settling in you will feel more comfortable and confident with the decision.

School Search

Parents are always worried about high quality education and easy transition for their kids. Cetra Relocations México will help you find schools that could fit your needs, have national and international certifications and that have experience with expat families.

Orientation Tour

Getting familiarized with your new environment is very important and helpful. Knowing where to buy your groceries, location of hospitals, laundries, etc. will help to move around easier and adapt your daily activities faster.

Furniture Rental

Have you already find your house but your household is still in transit? You are not planning on bringing anything neither buying? Our furniture Rental division will let you move as soon as possible to your new home.

Relocation to Mexico


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